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Alumier Skin Experts / September 24, 2018

Why Fresh is best.

A little-known fact that not everyone may know is, that when it comes to certain ingredients, the freshness of that ingredient really does matter.

When choosing ingredients for your skin be mindful that some may oxidize over time. Have you ever had a product that changes colour?  Maybe it was clear when you invested in it and by the time you’re finished, it is a darker colour.  This could be caused by oxidation. Some ingredients that are incredibly beneficial to your skin, like vitamin C in the most bioavailable form being L-ascorbic acid, are an example of this.

L-ascorbic acid is a proven winner as a skin care ingredient offering a multitude of benefits, including collagen stimulation and antioxidant protection. Unfortunately, when exposed to light and air it will begin to oxidize. When it oxidizes to the point that it is dark yellow, amber or brown it no longer has the wonderful benefits to the skin.

Oxidation is not our friend; however, there is a way to help minimize that from occurring.  Number one: source out a fresh form of L-ascorbic acid that has not had the opportunity to oxidize before you even open it.  Number two: look for a bottle that is amber in colour to help protect from UV.  Number three: source out a serum that is not meant to last for three to four months in one single bottle. The more you open over time, the more air is introduced to the formula providing a perfect environment for oxidation.

One of the ways that AlumierMD has addressed this concern to deliver you the freshest, most efficacious L-ascorbic acid is to actually keep the L-ascorbic acid separate from the serum until you are ready to activate that bottle. Thus, giving it no chance to oxidize while sitting in the bottle on the shelf.

For more information on how to incorporate fresh ingredients into your routine for your skin health please visit AlumierMD to find a professional near you.

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