Alumier Skin Experts / October 19, 2018

Levez la main si le visage rouge et boursouflĂ© de Samantha dans Sex and the City vous vient Ă  l’esprit lorsque vous envisagez de faire un peeling chimique….

Alumier Skin Experts / October 19, 2018

Raise your hand if Samantha’s blistering red face from Sex and the City comes to mind when the idea of getting a chemical peel enters your head. Exactly. But fret not, because skin care…

Alumier Skin Experts / October 7, 2018

Vous savez ce qui est gĂ©nial ? Recevoir enfin un traitement AlumierMD personnalisĂ© pour le problème de peau que vous cherchiez Ă  rĂ©gler depuis un moment. Et vous savez ce qui est encore mieux…

Alumier Skin Experts / October 7, 2018

Do you know what’s amazing? Finally getting a customized AlumierMD treatment for that skin issue you’ve been meaning to address. You know what’s even more amazing? Having…

Alumier Skin Experts / September 24, 2018

A little-known fact that not everyone may know is, that when it comes to certain ingredients, the freshness of that ingredient really does matter. When choosing ingredients for your skin be mindful that some may oxidize over time. Have you ever had a product that changes colour?  Maybe it was…

Alumier Skin Experts / September 13, 2018

So we are all taught that getting A’s in school is the best right? However, I am here to say there is nothing wrong with a C as well, as long as you did your personal best. This can…

Alumier Skin Experts / August 21, 2018

These days it is not hard to find an article on the benefits of getting all your vitamins for your health, but did you know that you need to add them…

Alumier Skin Experts / August 9, 2018

So now that we are halfway through the summer and it seems to be on fast forward it may be time to start thinking about the fall.  Now I know that everyone is using their…

Alumier Skin Experts / July 23, 2018

Think of a free radical as a thief, a small-time thief, that steals little things.  Losing something small doesn’t hurt….right?  Well hold on a minute, there is more to it. A…

Alumier Skin Experts / June 29, 2018

Everyone by now should know that one of the key defenses against aging is to wear your broad-spectrum sun protection diligently, every day of the year. Did you know that, whether you see the sun or not, another key factor in aging is…

Alumier Skin Experts / June 4, 2018

My sister always wanted to follow in our mum’s footsteps. Mum is Jane Hiscock, the author of the VTCT Beauty Therapy NVQ. I was never interested in therapy, I was creative. I did A-Levels in Photography, Art, Fashion and…

Alumier Skin Experts / May 22, 2018

Sunscreen is one of the best anti-aging products out there, not to mention being completely essential in everyday life for protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays which can cause fine lines, wrinkles,…

Alumier Skin Experts / September 13, 2017

We all know that sugar is bad for us–we shouldn’t consume too much as it has negative effects on the body and mind. But did you know that sugar doesn’t just affect your internal health, but…

Alumier Skin Experts / July 14, 2017

AlumierMD’s Hydra Clarite Moisturizer and AluminEye were featured in the July issue of Elegant Magazine.

Alumier Skin Experts / June 2, 2017

A lightweight, hydrating serum that combines moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients to reduce the signs of aging for all skin types.

Alumier Skin Experts / May 26, 2017

Free of parabins, sulfates and dyes, this light quick drying sunscreen is ideal for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.

Alumier Skin Experts / March 7, 2017

Celebrating women has become more important than ever–especially given the current political climate. Women are exerting their power, and making their voices heard. While we still have a ways to go in terms…

Alumier Skin Experts / March 6, 2017

It is no wonder many of us approach retinoids with trepidation.

Alumier Skin Experts / March 3, 2017

AlumierMD Retinol Resurfacing Serum 1.0 uses microencapsulation retinol (acting like a shuttle to carry and release retinoids into skin cells).

Alumier Skin Experts / February 10, 2017

Although it may be winter, it’s awards season! Time to ogle all the celebrities’ beautiful gowns, hair and makeup–a bright spot in the endless loop of cold,…

Alumier Skin Experts / February 6, 2017

The Alumier MD Moisture Matte Sunscreen is available in ivory, sand and amber. This sunscreen absorbs excess oil to create a matte finish.

Alumier Skin Experts / February 3, 2017

Sensitive Skin feature showcasing AlumierMD SensiCalm Cleanser which helps treat vulnerable skin.

Alumier Skin Experts / December 6, 2016

The November issue of The Kit features Alumier MD’s brightening eye cream AluminEye

Alumier Skin Experts / October 14, 2016

Intense weather systems travel up the eastern seaboard, resulting in snow and more snow. It’s wet and windy, which can cause serious skin flare-ups, especially for those with sensitive complexions.

Alumier Skin Experts / October 14, 2016

AlumierMD’s AluminEye is featured in this month’s Elle Canada Magazine.

Alumier Skin Experts / October 7, 2016

Fall issue of Real Style Magazine featured Alumier MD’s Hydralight Night Moisturizer.

Alumier Skin Experts / September 20, 2016

New to our beauty radar is the science-based skincare company AlumierMD, which marries in-clinic skincare treatments with at-home products that bring only the best ingredients to your beauty routine. Our current fave: the AluminEye Brightening Eye Cream, which aims to…

Alumier Skin Experts / September 20, 2016

I found a ray of light when I was offered the chance to get a facial with the folks from Alumier MD. I did my best to squeeze a session into my schedule and looked forward to the…

Alumier Skin Experts / September 20, 2016

Amanpreet talks about the Alumier MD Retinol Eye Gel in this months Elevate Magazine.

Alumier Skin Experts / September 20, 2016

The product’s inclusion of aloe vera extract will calm your skin and soothe redness, while vitamin B5, sodium hyaluronate and gluconolactone work together to hydrate…

Alumier Skin Experts / March 9, 2016

AlumierMD was created by a team of experienced PhD biochemists, physicians and skin care specialists. We develop scientific formulations using innovative ingredients at optimal levels within advanced delivery systems. This enhances…

Alumier Skin Experts / March 4, 2016

In an independent clinical study where only AlumierMD home care treatment products were used, after 56 days of treatment, 82% of subjects said that the treatment penetrates and cleans up pores. 76% of the subjects felt that their skin was softer and smoother….

Alumier Skin Experts / January 20, 2016

Hinokitiol, otherwise known as Beta-Thujaplicin, is an organic compound extracted from the oils of the western red cedar tree. It was discovered in the 1930s by First Nations people, and used for medicinal purposes. Hinokitiol is a superpower ingredient that has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-melanogenic properties. Best of all,…

Alumier Skin Experts / January 20, 2016

Hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmentation occurs when excess melanin causes a darkened appearance to the skin in either small or large areas. Pigmentation is the natural color of a person’s skin and it is related to melanin production. Melanin protects…

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